What does this recipe create?

Over the course of the semester, our class has learned many chemistry concepts behind food preparation. To prove this point, our professor wrote a recipe on the blackboard (shown to the right) and asked us what food is created.

Could this recipe make pancakes or waffles? No, there is not any baking powder to leaven the batter. Could this be a bread recipe instead? No, there isn’t any yeast to leaven the dough in this recipe.

If this recipe is not for pancakes or bread, what could it make? An important hint for this recipe is that the batter is cooked at 400° F in muffin pans.

Looking at the recipe shows that the dough created will be very loose. Using chemistry knowledge, our class was able to gain a general idea of what this food product was. After learning that this food is cooked in muffin pans, one student was able to guess that the recipe created popovers. Our new chemistry knowledge that we have gained over the course of the semester can be applied to many food preparation techniques used every day in the kitchen.


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